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Chapter 5 Vocabulary

October 2-6, 2017 Vocabulary


1.unstable (adj)- Unsteady; wobbly; not reliable

2. text evidence-evidence from the reading selection that proves the answer to a question about the text.

3. coincide (v)- To happen at the same time

4. utilize (v)- To make use of; put to use, especially to good use

5. cease (v)- To stop; discontinue; quit

6. interference (n)- The act of getting in the way of something; meddling in someone else's business; something that gets in the way

7. aggravate (v)- To make worse

8. inference-A conclusion reached on the basis of text evidence and reasoning

9. obnoxious (adj)- Very unpleasant; distasteful; disgusting

10. humane (adj)- Kind; sympathetic; merciful; gentle

11. considerable (adj)- Rather great; rather large

12. intentional (adj)- Done on purpose; planned