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Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Chapter 6 Vocabulary https://quizlet.com/_1kll1b

1.      advise (v)- To give advice to; recommend

2.      current (adj)- Modern; existing now; in general use or practice today

3.      deprive (v)- To take away from; keep from having or enjoying

4.      hesitate (v)-To stop because of not being able to decide; put off acting because of feeling unsure

5.      maintain (v)- To continue; carry on; keep in existence

6.      minimum (adj)- Smallest in size or amount that is allowed or possible; least

7.      objection (n)- A dislike; feeling of being against something; disapproval

8.      originate (v)- To come into being; start

9.      penalize (v)- To punish; cause to suffer for doing something wrong

10.   reliable (adj)- Able to be depended upon; trustworthy

11.   hyperbole-exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally

12.   idiom-A common, often used expression that doesn't make sense if you take it literally