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Non Instructional Routines

1. Students should come to class prepared with their interactive Social Studies notebook (ISN), 2 sharpened pencils (or pens), and notebook paper as well as their homework.

2. Restrooms are for emergencies only as class restrooms breaks are scheduled for the longer block classes. Students sign out after being given permission and only when the teacher is not instructing. Only one student may leave at a time and only if other classes are not in the hallway.

3. No one may walk or talk without permission of the teacher and never during instructional time.

4. Please treat everyone in the room with dignity and respect.

5. No candy, gum, drinks, or sunflower seeds allowed.

6. Do not write on teacher property or school property.

7. Enter the room, sit in assigned seat, and start on the Entrance question posted on the board and at the end of class answer the Exit question. Be ready to turn both in at the end of class.  

8. Follow school rules including silence during all drills and announcements.

9. Dismissal- When the bell rings, students will gather their belongings, place the SS books on top of the desks, and clean up the floor around them. They will wait for the teacher to dismiss them individually.

10. If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for making up the work within the first 3 days back, either during lunch recess, or exploratory time.



Classroom Agreements:


„Ï   Be Respectful

„Ï   Be Responsible

„Ï   Be Kind

„Ï   Be Couteous

„Ï   Follow PBIS Bulldog Expectations for every setting.