Supply List


 Supply List


4 Composition Notebooks                                   
2 Three-pronged Pocket Folders
Loose-leaf Notebook Paper     
Pencils and Blue or Black Pens         
Jump Drive  
Covered Pencil Sharpener
Two 1 ½ Inch Three-Ring Binders  
Colored Pencils                                                      
5 Dividers                                                               
Index Cards


2 Three-Ring Binders
4 Composition Notebook
Loose-leaf Notebook Paper
Construction Paper
# 2 Pencils and Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils
Note cards
Glue Sticks


Pens (black or blue)                                            
Yellow Highlighters   
Glue Stick
Flash Drive
Red Pen
Loose-leaf Notebook Paper (College Ruled)   
4 Three-Ring Binders          
Five-Subject Notebooks
Tab Dividers
Colored Pencils
Pocket Folder
4 Marbled Composition Notebooks                     
Graphing Paper      
Scientific Calculator
Covered Pencil Sharpener   Ruler                                                           
Small Dry Erase Board

 Classroom donations are appreciated:  Kleenex, Sanitizing Wipes, and/or Hand Sanitizer