School Improvement Council


The purpose of a School Improvement Council is to work with the school principal in planning, reviewing, and evaluating school programs.  Input is sought in developing strategic and school renewal plans. The most up-to-date information and data on school programs is shared quarterly.

Chairperson: Ms. Claire Surratt

Vice Chairperson: Ms. Nikki Ewing

Secretary: Ms. Tawanna Grant


Teacher Representatives:

6th grade Representative- Ms. Joan Carter

7th grade Representative- Mr. Al Barron

8th grade Representative- Ms.Candace Smith

Special Ed. Representative- Ms.Lauren Bruce

Exploratory Representative - Ms.Patricia Lewis

Appointed member- Ms.Billie Wharton

Appointed member-  Ms.Sherrie Myers


Parent Representatives:

Ms. Sharon Jones

Ms. Tonja Johnson


Ex-Officio Members

Rosemary Gary

Genia Smith


Click Here for the: School Improvement Council Brochure

Click Here for the: School Improvement Council Spanish Brochure