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What We`re Doing In Class 



Lesson Objectives

What are we doing in class?






· Investigate the social and   economic impact of slavery within Africa.


·      Analyzing African population DBQ question.


·     Review main components of   Triangle Trade


·       White board review on slavery using alphabetical words, students will   have to tell a story using scrabble pieces.


·       Choice assignment on African hexagonal collage.

Closure: Comparing   Choice Assignments








·        Draw conclusions about the impact of slavery on African culture.


·      Slavery graph and map analysis

·      Classroom debate/ trial on the effects of slavery on African culture.

·      Students will complete the African Slavery Guided Reading Questions   and Word Search

Closure: Pass and Ask


Students   will Start out writing a Question on a Blank index card and have to answer a   question from their peer.


HW: African Slavery Guided   Reading

(9   Questions)





·          Connect the spread of colonization to the spread of Christianity in   Asia.

·       Getting to Asia role-playing activity with students on   isolation.

·       Introduce isolationism to students Cornell Notes

·       Isolationism Graphic Organizer

·          Closure: Analyze student responses   on graphic organizer and compare their ideas of “isolationism”.




·       Investigate the effects of colonization on Asian culture.

·     Geography of Asia Entrance   Slip

·     Reference the Great Wall and   previous isolation in China and Asia.

·     Comparison of European colonization   in America, Africa, and Asia.

·     Geography Review Questions   from textbook and Asian exploration guided textbook cloze reading.

·     Closure: 3-2-1 questions from   peers.


HW: Tic-Tac-Toe   on Exploration Review (Due 10/ 18/17



·          Cite evidence to show the political and social impacts of Europeans   colonization in America, Africa, and Oceania.

·     Channel One Daily News

·     Students will use envelopes for picture comparisons   of European colonization.

·     Review European colonization in certain parts of the   world. (Kahoots & USATestPrep)

·          Closure: Students will visit   classmates with questions on paper strips.


They will quiz each other on material learned through USATestPrep.





Lesson Objectives

Classroom Activities




·           Summarize the major economic causes of 16the century European   exploration.

·        Let’s Go Exploring Entrance Slip

·        Students read stories of   European culture learn the meaning of PSFNE.

·        Construct a PSFNE Foldable including the major European powers and   map.

HW: World Geography Worksheet


Study for Map Quiz (8/29)




·           Compare the colonial claims of the major European powers.

·        PSFNE Review Question (PPT)

·        Comparison chart of famous explorers.  

·        Map Quiz

·        Textbook Guided Reading on   explorers (pgs. 54 – 62 Contemporary Cultures).

·           N/A




·           Analyze the conflict between Spain and Portugal and draw conclusions   about the outcome of the division of land between the 2 countries.

·        List the reasons people explore (T-Chart)

·        Exploration Game of Chance - Board Game

·        Notes on technology.

·        Exploration Technology Commercials

·           N/A




·           Analyze the conflict between Spain and Portugal and draw conclusions   about the outcome of the division of land between the 2 countries.


·        A Divided Room Scenario (One side will represent Spain/ the other   Portugal)

·        Treaty of Tordesillas Worksheet and independent reading


HW: “What Do I Need? Worksheet” on European   technology and Question 1 -12 in




·           Predict what will occur in areas   of European settlement (America, Africa & Asia)


·        Channel One Daily News

·      Week-in-review and   examination of weekly essential questions.

·      Beginning of year   pre-assessment– 25 Question assessment (Kahoots or USATest Prep)



·           HW: Explorer Flipbook/   Technology brochure