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7th grade 

Exam Review for 7th grade ELA midterm 2016

 You must know the following terms for your exam:

a.   Symbolism

b.   Flashback

c.   Narrator

d.   Root words and how to figure out other words with them

e.   Context clues and how to use them

f.   The difference between fragments and complete sentences

g.   Synonyms

h.   Definition of a myth

i.     Character’s feelings

j.    Central Idea

k.   Elements of plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion

l.     Punctuation

m.  Subordinate clauses (Dependent + Independent)


You must also be able to read and understand important character traits, identify why an action takes place, infer, summarize, cite textual evidence, and how setting impacts plot.