Susan Sims Staff Photo

Welcome to Ms. Sims`s Reading Class 






Books will take us all over the world!  



 My goals and purposes as a reading teacher at GMS:


I wish to cultivate in our students a love for reading.  I want to teach the fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking skills they will need to succeed in rigorous academic classes.  It is most important to me for all my students  to become productive citizens in the world beyond.




My Responsibilities


I will perform the following duties:


Plan and implement reading and grammar lessons based on state standards.


Lead guided reading groups and continually assess and track student progress as


demonstrated on data assessments.


Do whatever it takes to ensure the success of all students.


Keep parents well informed of student progress by providing feedback.


Provide necessary accommodations and modifications for growth and success of all




Attend all meetings that are designated by administration, including Tuesday afternoon meetings that are regularly scheduled for our faculty, and attend school functions outside of school hours.


Work with colleagues to address and resolve student issues


Participate in school-wide professional development and seek continual  feedback and coaching to develop as a teacher.


Make myself available to students, parents, and other staff members.

Student Learning Objectives

`Students will demonstrate independence in reading and writing.

`Students will respond to varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline.

`Students will build strong content knowledge in various topics.

`Students will comprehend as well as critique with frequent opportunities to analyze and discuss texts independently and as a class.

`Students will value evidence by citing specific references in passages.

`Students will come to understand other perspectives and cultures through the diverse people and issues we read about.



1.    Be on time to class with your materials, so that you do not miss out on learning.


2.    Display how smart you are by making sure your work is to the best of your ability.


3.    Since how you speak demonstrates your intelligence, make sure your language is appropriate and respectful.


4.    Allow yourself and others to learn by focusing on the teacher or class speaker.


5.    Share only POSITIVE comments about others.


6.    Value all property in the classroom.