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Objectives, Rules, and Grading Policies 

This year the 7th Grade Social Studies curriculum will focus on the following units:

· Colonial Expansion

· Enlightenment

· Scientific Revolution

· French Revolution

· Industrial Revolution

· Imperialism

· Colonization

· World War I / World War II

· Holocaust

· Cold War & 20th Century Issues


 Rules & Consequences

1. Respect yourself, Respect each other, and Respect your instructor.

 2. Come to class prepared and on time.

 3. Raise your hand to speak.

 4. Think positive and put forth your best effort.


  Consequences for Violation of GMS Expectations

Minor Offenses

Major Offenses

Step 1: Verbal Warning

Office Referral handled

by Administrator

Step 2: Student Conference

Step 3: Parent Phone Call

Step 4: Overnight Suspension w/ teacher

Step 5: Overnight Suspension w/ administrator

Step 6: Suspension