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This Week in History

This Week in South Carolina History  
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"This Week in History!"

Week of February 19, 2018

Monday: Emancipation Proclamation Video; Emancipation Proclamation Notes; "Meet the Opponents" Reading and Questions

Tuesday: Civil War - Advantages and Disadvantages of the North and South (Guided Notes); Graded Questions; Civil War Battles Chart

Wednesday: SC PASS Coach Activity (Graded)

Thursday: H.L. Hunley Notes; Hunley Video Clip; Hunley Jr. Reading

Friday: Channel One News; Robert Smalls Story


Week of February 12, 2018

Antebellum Era Test Friday 2-16-18

Monday: Temporary Slave Solutions Notes (Kansas-Nebraska Act); Protecting Slavery Crossword

Tuesday: Election of 1860 Activity

Wednesday: Antebellum Review Packet (Quiz Grade)

Thursday: Antebellum Review Packet (Quiz Grade)

Friday: Channel One News; Antebellum Era Test


Week of Feburary 5, 2018

Monday: Manifest Destiny and Wesward Expansion;

Mexican War Reading and Questions; Missouri Compromise Map

Tuesday: Questions - Missouri Compromise; Bleeding Kansas Activity

Wednesday: Compromise of 1850 Notes; Compromise of 1850 Reading and Questions

Thursday: Nullification Crisis - Notes, Reading, Questions; Temporary Slave Solutions; Homework: Crossword-Protecting Slavery

Friday: Channel One News; USA TestPrep Assignments


Week of January 29, 2018

Report Card Pick Up Tuesday 4:30-6:00

Monday: Video - "Underground Railroad"; Denmark Vesey Plot Reading and Questions; History Frame 

Tuesday: Review Vesey Questions; Movie - "Brother Future"

Reprot Card Pick Up 4:30-6:00

Wednesday: Movie - "Brother Future"

Thursday: Movie - "Brother Future"; Test on "Brother Future"

Friday: Channel One News; USA TestPrep assignments - Antebellum Era


Week of January 22, 2018

Monday: Antebellum Era Vocabulary; Notes - Cotton Gin & Eli whitney; Blue Book Reading & Questioons "A Better Way"

Tuesday: Review "A Better Way" Questions; Slavery Concept Web; Slavery in SC Notes; Graded NFWP -Cotton Gin

Wednesday: Slavery in SC Reading; Abolitionist Movement

Thursday: Abolitionist Chart and Research

Friday: Channel One New; Video - "Dear America - Abolitionist Movement and Slavery"


Week of January 15, 2018

Monday: No Schoo - MLK Day

Tuesday: Review Kahoot Game; Study Stack and Quizlets; Study Guide

Wednesday: Review Kahoot Game; Study Stack and Quizlets; Study Guide

Thursday: Mid-Term Exam

Friday: Channel One New; Make-Up Work (Half Day for Students)



Week of January 8, 2018

Mid-Term Exam Thursday Jan. 18, 2018

Monday: School Closed Due to Weather

Tuesday: Review New Government from before Break; USA TestPrep Assignments; Issue Mid-Term Study Guide

Wednesday: National Bank, XYZ Affair, and War of 1812 Readings and Questions; Study Guide

Thursday: KAHOOT Review; Study Guide

Friday: Channel One News; KAHOOT Review; Study Guide


Week of December 11, 2017

Monday: Review Last Week; AOC Hand Activity; Brain Pop (Articles of Confederation); Notes - Constitutional Convention

Tuesday: "Founding Fathers at Work" Activity

Wednesday: Review "FFAW" Activity; Constitutional Plans Chart

Thursday: Notes - Ratifying the Constitution; 3 Branches of Government Graphic Organizer

Friday: Channel One News; Notes - US Constitution; 7 Principles of Government Activity


Week of December 4, 2017

Monday: New Government Vocabulary; Notes - SC After the War; "Back to Real Life" Blue Book Reading and Questions

Tuesday: Notes - Lowcountry - Upcountry Tensions; Crossword Puzzle from Notes

Wednesday: Part I & II - Chapter 12 Anticipation Guide

Thursday: Articles of Confederation (Reading and Questions); Brain Pop Video; Notes - Constitutional Convention - Hand Activity

Friday: Channel One News; "Founding Fathers at Work" Activity  


Week of November 27, 2017

American Revolution Unit Test Friday Dec. 1 2017

Interims Go Home Tursady Nov. 30, 2017

Monday: PatriotLoyalist Game on US Missions Website

Tuesday: Battles of American Revolution Chart;

"Dark Days" Video and Guide; Study Guide

Wednesday: Battles of the American Revolution Map; Study Guide

Thursday: Review Game for Unit Test; Study Guide; Interims Sent Home

Friday: Unit Test - American Revolution; Vocabulary SC and the New Constitution


Week of November 20, 2017

Monday: Complete D.O.I. Scavenger Hunt; D.O.I. Chart; Living Far from Home Activity - Discussion; Patriot - Loyalist Readers Theater

Tuesday: Patriot - Loyalist T-Chart; Roles and Perspectives (American Revolution); Join the Militia Crossword; Who Am I Activity

Wednesday: No School - Thanksgiving Break

Thursday: No School - Thanksgiving Break

Friday: No School - Thanksgiving Break


Week of November 13, 2017

Monday: School Culture Survey; Set up Google Classroom; Review Crossword for Quiz "Road to Revolution"

Tuesday: "Road to Revolution" Quiz; "A Patriot Named Gadson" Reading and Questions; "America the Story of Us" Video Clip 

Wednesday: Review Packet on "Road to Revolution"

Thursday: USATest Prep Review Activity

Friday: Channel One News; Brain Pop-Decleration of Independence; Concept Map of the D.O.I.; "Too Late to Apologize" and "You'll Be Back" Songs


Week of November 6, 2017

Monday: "Road to Revolution" Guided Notes; French and Indian War Reading and Crossword; KIM Chart Vocabulary

Tuesday: British Taxation Chart; KIM Chart Vocabulary

Wednesday: "Skittles Taxation" Simulation; "Tension Rise" Blue Book Rading and Questions

Thursday: Channel One News; "Road to Revolution" Video and Video Guide

Friday: No School - Veterans Day Observed


Week of October 23, 2017

Colonial SC Unit Test / End of 1st Nine Weeks

 Thursday Oct. 26, 2017

Monday: Proprietary Gov't Structure; "Trouble in Paradise" notes and Project Intro; Royal Gov't Structure; Issued Study Guide

Tuesday: "Trouble in Paradise" Project; Study Guide

Wednesday: "Trouble in Paradise" Project; Study Guide; Review Game

Thursday: Unit Test - Colonial South Carolina; "Trouble in Paradise" Projects

Friday: Channel One News; Present "Trouble in Paradise" Projects


Week of October 16, 2017

Quiz on Tuesday - Moved from Friday 10-13-17

Monday: Vocabulary Maps - Group Vocabulary Activity

Tuesday: Quiz (Colonial SC) From Friday; Finish USA TestPrep Assignments

Wednesday: Introduce Timeline Project; Start working on Timeline Project

Thursday: Timeline Project

Friday: Channel One News; Complete Timeline Projects (Due Today)


Week of October 9, 2017

QUIZ on Friday Oct. 13, 2017

Monday: Colonial South Carolina Concept Web; Notes on Slavery in South Carolina

Tuesday: Gullah Reading and Questions; Gullah Culture Webquest (Knowitall.org)

Wednesday: Review Webquest Answers; History Frame (Stono Rebellion); Slave Codes & Freed Africans

Thursday: Slavery in SC Concept Web; USATest Prep assignments on Colonial SC

Friday: Channel One News; Review Slavery in SC; Slavery in SC Quiz


Week of October 2, 2017

Monday: KAHOOT Review Game; Study Guide for Unit Test; Paper Slide Videos

Tuesday: Unit Test (Native Americans / Early Exploration); Colonial SC Vocabulary

Wednesday: Into to Colonial SC (Notes); Blue Book Reading & Questions "An English Colony", Vocabulary Continued

Thursday: Colonial SC Concept Web; Slavery in SC Notes and Questions; Vocabulary Continued (Due Friday)

Friday: Channel One News; "Slave Ship" Video & Video Guide; Concept Web on Slavery in SC


Week of September 25, 2017

Monday: Review Maps of 13 Original Colonies; Guided Notes-13 Original Colonies; Introduce Paper Slide Video Project

Tuesday: Paper Slide Video Project (Setup, Outline, and Art Work)

Wednesday: Paper Slide Video Project Continued

Thursday: Complete Paper Slide Video Project; Study Guide (Unit Test - Native Americans & Early Exploration)

Friday: Channel One News; Study Guide (Unit Test Tuesday)


Week of September 18, 2017

Monday: Constitution Day (Brain Pop Activity); Review Why Europeans Explored; Reading and Chart on European Exploration (Spain, France, and England)

Tuesday: European Exploration Vocabulary; "America The Story of Us" Video Clip; Settlement of SC Chart; Blue Book Reading and Questions "New Land up for Grabs"

Wednesday: Notes and Chart on the 13 Original Colonies (New England, Middle, Southern Colonies)

Thursday: Open House / Interims: 13 Colonies Map Activity; Complete Vocabulary

Friday: Channel One News; Video and Video Guide on "The 13 Original Colonies"


Week of September 11, 2017

Monday: No School

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Project Exit Slip; Chapter 2 Reading, Questions and Vocabulary (Old Textbook)

Thursday: Notes on Eastern Wooland Tribes; Tribe Chart; NFWP on Tribal Living 

Friday: Ch. One News; Blue Book Reading and Questions "New Land Up for Grabs"; Early Explorers Vocabulary



Week of September 5, 2017

Monday: Labor Day - No School

Tuesday: Pre-Test for SLO; "Meet the Natives" Reading and Questions

Wednesday: Introduce Tribe Poster Project; Work on Posters 

Thursday: Tribe Poster Project

Friday: Channel One News; Present Projects


Week of August 28, 2017

Monday: Notebook Set Up, Land of SC Notes, "From Mountains to Oceans" Reading and Questions. 

Tuesday: Land of SC Crossword; Introduce SC Map Activity. 

Wednesday: Continue SC Map Activity; Americas Earliest Settlers" Questions; Native Americans in SC Vocabulary. Complete SC Map for Homework - Due Friday

Thursday: Native Americans in SC (Notes and Graphic Organizer); Graffiti Vocabulary

Friday: "Native Americans, People of the Forrest" (Video and Video Guide); Non-Fiction Writing Prompt


Week of August 21, 2017


Monday: No School.....ECLIPSE

Tuesday: Introduction; Class Procedures; 1st Day Letters

Wednesday: Continued Class Procedures.

Thursday: Continue Class Procedures; Group Activity (The "Sacred RAC")

Friday: Channel One News; Map Scavenger Hunt; Review