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Notebook Table of Contents

Interactive Notebook Table of Contents  

The notebook is VERY important.  We will have a notebook check on average twice a quarter.  Each notebook check is counted as a test grade!


 49-Vocabulary week 10

50-Vocabulary week 11

51-Galaxy Notes

52-Galaxy Foldable

53-Galaxy Venn Diagram

54-Vocabulary week 12

55-Technology Notes

56-Space probe video questions

57-Hubble Space teloscope

58-Review Questions

59-Vocabulary week 13

60- Moon/Gravity Notes

61-Phases of Moon Activity

62-Tides/Eclipses notes

63-Solar/Lunar Eclipse video

64-Tides worksheet

65-Vocabulary week 14

66-Revolution Notes

67- Equinox diagram

68-Equinox worksheet

69-Seasons worksheet

70- Video questions

71-Vocabulary week 15

72-Sun Notes

73- Sun diagram

74-Sun video questions

75-NASA video questions