Emergency Contact after 4:00 P.M.

Mrs. Gray - Principal

(843) 458-7974

Mr. Hartley - Assistant Principal

(843) 458-7976


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School Events
•  Drama Play in Auditorium @ 6:00 P.M.
•  Spring Pre-Paid Pictures by "School Bell Studio"
State Testing Dates
April 19 – State Testing – SC Ready – 6th Grade Writing April 20 – State Testing – SC Ready...

Anna Watson-8th Grade Caroline Baker-7th Grade Camille Hempel-6th Grade

Azvan Wright - 8th Grade Elizabeth Cribb - 7th Grade Tanner Rogerson - 6th Grade        

Jeremy BonserTeacher of the Month

Mona ArmstrongSupport Staff of the Month

Darby Ewing  8th Grade - Stormy Blythe 7th Grade - Amber White 6th Grade
February Students of the Month

8th Grade-Jalen Jenkins 7th Grade-Taylor Newton   6th Grade-Esther Frantz
January Students of the Month

December Support Staff Of the Month Mr. Jovon Young

November Teachers of the Month Mrs. Leveta Pierce & Ms. Carolyn Casselman

December Teacher of the Month Mrs. Lauren Prosser

  November Support Staff of the Month Mrs. Jane Smith

Madison Lin - 8th Grade John Owen Bradham - 7th Grade Abigail Condon - 6th Grade  

Melissa Eaddy

Linda Young

Hailey Powell - 8th Grade Journey Peters - 7th Grade   Grace Geer - 6th Grade
November Students of the Month

October Students of the Month Taylor Strickland - 8th Grade Perry Jordan - 7th Grade Nicara Kirkland - 6th Grade

Abigail Caviris - 8th Grade Jeremy Owens - 7th Grade Audra Nesbit -6th Grade

Emily Avery  &  Brittany Miller September Teachers of the Month

Nolan Green  September Support Staff of the Month